Dear Parents and Students,

I am Melissa Owles and I am your 2nd grade teacher. I am so excited to get off to a great start this year.

A little about my credentials..In 2003, I received my Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Science from Texas A&M University. I since have received my Classroom Teachers certificates in generalist (Grades EC-8) and Vocational Agriculture Production (Grades 6-12).

A little about me outside the classroom..I have been married to my wonderful husband, Jeff, for 8 years and we are blessed with two children, Payten (6) and Colten (3). We live in Fairlfield and are very blessed with a wonderful family. We are members of Good Shepherd UMC where I am involved in Children's Ministries as well as Women's Ministries. Most of our time is spent with family and friends.

A little about me in the classroom...My goals in the classroom are to have child directed activities; assist in the process of learning, and set the classroom up in a way that allows the children to explore, question, and work in a manner that embraces their love of learning. My desire is to give children a life long love of learning. By focusing on the overall child and providing appealing experiences, my teaching goals help children develop advanced learning skills and create a strong foundation that will carry with them throughout their learning career.

Classroom Procedures
In order to ensure an environment of learning and structure, I have compiled a list of classroom procedures. Please take a few moments to look over and discuss them. We will spend several days reviewing them.

Class Schedule
Please see the attached spreadsheet for a detailed schedule of our day.
*Our Chapel day has changed from Wednesday to Thursday. 

Classroom Management

I use the color coded change system that is easily communicated back to you on a daily basis through your students moose or through email. 
Green: Good Behavior:  the student followed directions and worked hard throughout the day.
Yellow: 3 warnings were given and resulted in a loss of privilege.
Red: Continued to disobey the rules and procedures, continued color change will result in a visit with administration.

Our lunch time is from 10:45-11:15. Please DO NOT send a microwavable lunch...elementary does not have access to a microwave.  You are welcome to join us anytime for lunch.

We will have a mid-afternoon snack in the classroom. Please send a nutritious snack that is not messy and that is easy to eat.  We will be enjoying our snack as we work at our desk. Students are allowed to keep a water bottle with them at their desk at all times. Please no juice or Gatorade.

Birthday Celebrations
Birthdays are a special day for your student and I welcome you to help make their day extra special with cupcakes or cookies. The best time is either at our lunch time or at our snack time (see schedule for these specific times). Please notify me at least a week in advance via email which time works best for you. Please make sure you provide enough for the entire class.

Students are required to take home their Moose and return it everyday. Notes from the front office will also go home inside the students Moose.
On Mondays, we will spend time passing out graded papers from the previous week, as well as writing on our weekly assignment sheets. The weekly assignment sheet is where they will record any homework assignments for the week, test reminders as well as any important information from the teacher or school. Please be sure to review this every night.

Parent Volunteers

Kerry Frick is working on implementing a parent volunteer program for the school year. If you are interested in being apart of that program please contact her or wait for further information.

Classroom Website
I have created a classroom website with all things 2nd grade. The page will be updated weekly. You can find important classroom information like the weekly spelling list, Bible Verse, homework assignments, weekly objectives and any other important classroom news. I will also post pictures throughout the year. You can access the webpage by going to

Math Curriculum
Pearson’s Success Net is a great way for you to have access to all thing within our Math Curriculum. You can use it for a number of reasons such as enrichment, reteaching purposes or to simply keep up with whats going on in Math. I will provide you with a username and password so that you can access this information from home. More information to follow.

You can expect to see homework twice a week. Typically, I will send home a Math Sheet and a Language Arts sheet. I also send home review sheets for all Language Arts and Math tests. All homework assignments will also be posted on RenWeb and the class web page. Your student will also be responsible for AR reading, spelling words, and a memory verse each week.
We will also have a book report due each nine weeks.

AR Reading program
AR reading is a wonderful supplement to our Guided Reading Program. It motivates the students to read at the appropriate level and rewards them for meeting their goals. Each teacher implements the program in their classroom a little different. Here is how AR is set up in my classroom. We will work with your child at the beginning of the school year to set an appropriate goal for each student.  We all will need to strive to help your child meet that goal. Once your child completes a book, they may take an AR test either on our classroom computer, or in the library. They will record the book on their AR record sheet.  I will check off on each grade, making sure they are performing at an appropriate level. After they have completed 10 books, tested and received a grade of 80 or above, they will have the chance to choose from the treasure box.

Eagle Challenge
Each nine weeks all lower school teachers will be on the look out for exemplary Christ-like behavior as well as responsible behaviors demonstrated by individual students.
Our Goal is to catch them doing good and going the extra mile.
Students who receive the required amount of signatures will be invited to the Eagle Challenge Ice Cream Party. The individual with the most signatures for each grade level will accompany Mrs. Frick to Chuck E Cheese.

Academic Honor Roll
Students earn this honor by earning all  A’s and B’s on their report card. He/she must also have all S’s in conduct. All Honor Roll students will be rewarded with Donuts with the Principals and have their name affixed on the Principals Wall of Fame.

At the end of the day, the students will sit quietly as they wait to hear their name called. Someone will assist them to the car.  All teachers are assigned to a duty to ensure your child's safety. At 3:45, extended care begins.

Teachers are not to handle money for any reason.  Please send any monies to the front office.

Field Trips
We will be traveling to the Printing Museum in November and The Houston Zoo in April.  Dates to be announced.

Wish List
Class set of English Standard Version Bibles (15)
Small prizes for treasure box
Age-appropriate Board Games

My door is always open.  Please feel free to call me or email me at anytime. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of your children. I know God has great things is store for us this year.


                            Melissa Owles
                            832-229-7088 (cell)